Today's Military:

Environmental Health and Safety Training

Correct and effective disposal of hazardous waste is of primary concern to all the Services, and environmental health and safety specialists log numerous hours of hands-on training to perfect their skills. Courses teach personnel about inspection procedures for base housing and buildings. Advanced courses focus on the safe handling, storage and disposal of hazardous waste materials, such as asbestos or nuclear waste. Hands-on instruction can involve weeklong hazardous waste and emergency-response courses. These courses expose personnel to likely scenarios involving nuclear, biological and chemical leaks. Students learn how to properly handle waste and employ detection, containment and protective gear. For example, they practice stopping chemical spills by repairing damaged pipes. They also don protective gear and practice decontamination techniques in scenarios that mimic explosions of suspected chemicals.

Sergeants inspect their protective equipment prior to a weapons-of-mass-destruction-exercise.

Firefighters in splash-resistant suits decontaminate a Marine in a fully encapsulated suit.

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