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Joint Military Combat Training

Coordinating military operations across all the Services is of vital importance. The Blue Force Tracking Network gives servicemembers real-time, live feeds of field operations and alerts them to enemy activity in their area. To prepare for their missions, servicemembers must train on Blue Force using a sophisticated, interactive simulation tool – Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation (JCATS). JCATS simulates operations in urban terrain, supports nonlethal and conventional weapons and allows users to quickly assemble and disband entities and units. The simulation models the dynamics of individual troops, vehicles, and weapons, increasing the realism of the simulation and allowing for more direct participation. For example, one training exercise involved a multinational amphibious assault team engaged against a hostile force. The assault team had to gather the necessary air- and missile-defense support in order to overtake the opposition.

Numerous units used the simulation for tactical training prior to deploying in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, both as a stand-alone simulation, and with live, virtual and constructive simulations, as part of Joint National Training Capability (JNTC) enhancements. Both the Army and the Marine Corps use the simulation for training and real-world rehearsals of tactical missions.

Soldier prepares the Blue Force Tracker in his high-mobility, multipurpose vehicle.

Infantry Sergeant instructs an Airman in Blue Force Tracking training.

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