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Ship Electrician Training

Electricians are needed in every branch of the Military, and their training often revolves around hands-on exercises. Ship electricians, for example, attend courses that focus on fundamental knowledge, theory of equipment operation, practical maintenance and troubleshooting skills. At electrician’s mate “A” school, students attend a 19-week intensive course of instruction that is equivalent to three semester hours in basic electricity, three in AC & DC circuit theory, three in electrical power distribution, three in electrical circuits troubleshooting and maintenance, one in industrial safety and one in blueprint reading. The training includes practical exercises in a wide range of topics, including: batteries and power distribution systems, lighting systems, motors and controllers, small boat electrical systems and shore power.

Electrician’s mate looks over the Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) before a firing exercise.

Electrician’s mate students work on an electrical project in class.

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