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Career Profiles

Because there are so many possible career paths, every servicemember enjoys a unique experience in the Military. The profiles here are personal stories of how various servicemembers succeeded in their careers and how they got to where they are today.

Business Administration and Operations Careers

  • Amy Allis.

    Amy Allis
    Administrative Specialist
    Marine Corps

    I was living in Smithville Flats, N.Y., when I enlisted in the Marines. I joined because my then-fiancé was joining the Marine Corps, and I wanted to prove I could do anything he could do. I chose food service at ... View profile

  • Bryan Holtz.

    Bryan Holtz
    Coast Guard

    “I went through high school, graduated and got a diploma. I started college, and it was a little rough, taking out a lot of school loans. Money became pretty scarce.” Bryan’s main focus was to get done with school. He ... View profile

  • Gerald Kellar.

    Gerald Kellar
    Medical Plans and Operations Officer

    “Many people live their lives and have very little impact on anything. I wanted to do something that made a big difference to a lot of people.” Gerald Kellar got his first taste of the military life in his college’s ... View profile

  • James Darenkamp.

    James Darenkamp
    Chief Staff Officer

    I know this is going to sound funny, but during my high school years, I used to have a poster hanging on my bedroom wall of palm trees with a destroyer in the background at sunset. I always told my ... View profile

  • Lynn Fletcher.

    Lynn Fletcher
    Information Management Specialist
    Air National Guard

    “Well, I’ve kinda always done everything a little backwards, I guess… but I always wanted to try to give back. And I knew that [joining the Military] was one way.” Lynn Fletcher was not your typical recruit. He was 34 ... View profile

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