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Career Profiles

Because there are so many possible career paths, every servicemember enjoys a unique experience in the Military. The profiles here are personal stories of how various servicemembers succeeded in their careers and how they got to where they are today.

Communications Equipment Technologists and Technicians Careers

  • Clarence Abercrombie Jr..

    Clarence Abercrombie Jr.
    Avionics Journeyman
    Air Force

    “I needed to jump-start my life. The Air Force was a fresh start…” Throughout high school, Clarence did the minimum. And while he got by, he graduated with no real college opportunities – or any idea of what he wanted ... View profile

  • Dexter Nunnally.

    Dexter Nunnally
    Signal Officer

    “My parents were going to have to pay for my college as well as my sister’s. Around the same time, my father was taking care of his mother with Alzheimer’s. So I [joined the Military] to ease the financial burden ... View profile

  • Jay Taylor.

    Jay Taylor
    Satellite Operations Officer

    “I wanted to be a highway patrol officer in California. In order to get the experience I needed to get into law enforcement, I decided to join the Military.” Jay Taylor took the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test ... View profile

  • Jennifer Foley.

    Jennifer Foley
    Electronics Technician
    Coast Guard

    I am originally from Liverpool, N.Y. I went to college, got my business degree and ended up being assistant manager to a couple of retail stores. It wasn’t for me, so I looked into getting into the Military. My parents ... View profile

  • Travis Robinette.

    Travis Robinette
    Chief of Operations and Plans

    I grew up as an Army brat. My father served for 30 years in the Army, so I was surrounded by the military lifestyle. I was actually born in Germany on one of my father’s overseas tours, and I lived ... View profile

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