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Career Profiles

Because there are so many possible career paths, every servicemember enjoys a unique experience in the Military. The profiles here are personal stories of how various servicemembers succeeded in their careers and how they got to where they are today.

Environmental Health and Safety Careers

  • Kenny Rogers.

    Kenny Rogers
    Armor Assistance
    Air National Guard

    When he graduated from high school, Kenny Rogers wanted to enlist in the Military because he felt it would be an honor to serve his country. He wasn’t sure which branch to join, however, so he talked to his parents ... View profile

  • Nakeisha Hills.

    Nakeisha Hills
    Chief, Contingency Planning and Force Readiness
    Coast Guard

    “My mom was struggling financially. And I made a commitment privately that I would not be a financial burden to her. So what I started doing at 13 or so is thinking about how I would be able to pay ... View profile

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