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Career Profiles

Because there are so many possible career paths, every servicemember enjoys a unique experience in the Military. The profiles here are personal stories of how various servicemembers succeeded in their careers and how they got to where they are today.

Mechanic and Repair Technologists and Technicians Careers

  • James Hornef.

    James Hornef
    Submarine Maintenance Manager

    Before I came to the Navy, I had one year of college experience and had entered the civilian work force for about two years — at one point I had my stockbroker’s license. But I was engaged and getting ready ... View profile

  • Jessica Cruz San Roque.

    Jessica Cruz San Roque

    I am originally from the Philippines. I decided to join the Navy when I was 20 years old. My first chain-of-command, which was Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4, helped me obtain my citizenship, which is something that I have always ... View profile

  • Ryan Trammell.

    Ryan Trammell
    Construction Electrician

    “I didn’t really have a direction in life. I was just sitting around, spinning my wheels and getting into trouble.” Ryan Trammell grew up in Normal, Ill. He played high school football for a bit but found himself making poor ... View profile

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