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Arts, Communications, Media and Design Careers


Arts, Communications, Media and Design enlisted personnel are the creative people responsible for the media associated with the Military. This is an important part of communicating military messages to people all over the world. Servicemembers in this field create everything from training videos to public-facing news releases. Military musicians who perform in parades and other events are also included in this field.

Possible Responsibilities

  • Produce brochures, newspapers, maps and charts
  • Maintain printing presses
  • Photograph people and events
  • Play musical instruments and sing
  • Produce computer-generated graphics
  • Write radio and TV scripts
  • Operate media equipment such as cameras and editing software

Helpful Attributes

Useful school subjects include journalism, photography, art and music. Helpful attributes include:

  • Poise while performing in public
  • Musical ability
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong writing skills
  • Interest in creative or artistic work

Training Provided

Classroom instruction, including hands-on training, is provided for Arts, Media, Communications and Design enlisted personnel. Sample courses include:

  • News Writing and Research
  • Scripting and Special Effects Technique
  • Operation of Offset Presses
  • Principles of Photojournalism
  • Music Theory
  • Illustration and Television Graphic Techniques
Arts, Communications, Media and Design Careers.

Possible Military Job Titles

  • Printing Specialist
  • Photographic Specialist
  • Musician - View Media
  • Graphic Designer and Illustrator
  • Broadcast Journalist and Newswriter
  • Combat Correspondent - View Profile
  • Audiovisual and Broadcast Technician
  • Public Affairs Specialist

Related Civilian Jobs

  • Graphic Designer
  • Journalist
  • Photographer
  • Print Specialist

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Business Administration and Operations – Enlisted
Information Technology, Computer Science and Mathematics – Enlisted

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