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The Military operates thousands of airplanes and helicopters. Enlisted Aviation personnel serve as aircrew, air traffic controllers, engineers and maintenance specialists. While enlisted servicemembers do not pilot aircraft, they are an essential part of getting and keeping the aircraft in the air, not to mention safely landed when the mission is done.

Possible Responsibilities

  • Operate aircraft communication and radar equipment
  • Operate and maintain in-flight refueling systems
  • Compute speed, direction and altitude of aircraft
  • Plot aircraft locations on charts and maps
  • Issue takeoff, flight and landing instructions
  • Direct airborne assets
  • Test and adjust launch and recovery equipment
  • Install and maintain visual landing aids
  • Inspect aircraft before and after flights
  • Monitor aircraft systems during flights
  • Assist aircraft in landing
  • Participate in search and rescue operations
  • Direct aircraft around flight deck

Helpful Attributes

Useful school subjects include mathematics, mechanics and communication. Helpful attributes include:

  • Interest in flight operations
  • Interest in hydraulic and mechanical equipment
  • Skill in math computation
  • Ability to work under stress

Training Provided

Job training consists of classroom instruction and practical experience. Sample courses include:

  • Cargo, Munitions and Fuel Load Planning
  • Air Traffic Control Fundamentals
  • Visual and Instrument Flight Procedures
  • Rescue and Recovery Procedures
  • Radar and Other Landing Approach Procedures

More about Aviation Training

Aviation Careers.

Possible Military Job Titles

  • Air Traffic Controller - View Profile - View Media
  • Air Transportation Specialist - View Profile
  • Aircrew Member
  • Flight Engineer
  • Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist
  • Crewchief

Related Civilian Jobs

  • Commercial Air Traffic Controller
  • Civilian Airport Ground Crew
  • Civilian Flight Engineer

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