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Communications Equipment Technologists and Technicians Careers


The ability to relay information among air, sea and ground forces is critical in the Military. Communications Equipment Technologists and Technicians are enlisted personnel who operate sophisticated communications systems. They use a variety of technologies and telecommunications equipment such as radios, telephones, antennas, satellites and complex security and network devices. These servicemembers work in many different situations domestically and abroad, and must have excellent technical and communication skills.

Possible Responsibilities

  • Install, maintain and repair electronic systems
  • Troubleshoot aircraft electronics
  • Replace faulty wiring
  • Encode and decode classified messages
  • Set up and operate communications equipment
  • Monitor air traffic control, missile tracking and other radar systems
  • Detect and track position, direction and speed of military craft

Helpful Attributes

Useful school subjects include mathematics, geometry, science and computers. Helpful attributes include:

  • Interest in technology
  • Interest in electronic work
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Ability to concentrate for long periods

Training Provided

Classroom instruction and hands-on practice is provided for Communications Equipment Technologists and Technicians enlisted personnel. Sample courses include:

  • Operation and Maintenance of Radar and Sonar Equipment
  • Line Installation and Wiring Techniques
  • Communications Security
  • Avionics and Electrical Systems Maintenance
Communications Equipment Technologists and Technicians Careers.

Possible Military Job Titles

  • Electronics Technician - View Profile
  • Radar and Sonar Operator
  • Electronic Instrument and Equipment Repairer
  • Communications Equipment Operator
  • Avionics Technician - View Profile

Related Civilian Jobs

  • Aircraft Technician/Electrician
  • Communication Center Operator
  • Navigator

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