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Counseling, Social Work and Human Services Careers


Human Services enlisted personnel provide counseling and spiritual support for servicemembers. They work with psychologists, social workers and chaplains to organize treatment, classes or religious services. This career field involves a lot of communication and organization and provides many opportunities to help others. No prior medical or religious training is needed for this enlisted career field.

Possible Responsibilities

  • Perform administrative duties for chaplains
  • Identify problems and determine the need for help
  • Potentially counsel servicemembers and their families
  • Administer and score psychological tests
  • Organize volunteer programs
  • Prepare religious, educational and devotional materials

Helpful Attributes

Useful school subjects include psychology, business administration and communications. Helpful attributes include:

  • Sensitivity to the needs of others
  • Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely
  • Knowledge of various religious customs and beliefs
  • Patience dealing with problems that take time and effort to overcome

Training Provided

Classroom instruction and counseling practice is provided for Human Services enlisted personnel. Sample courses include:

  • Treatments for Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Psychological Testing Techniques
  • Principles of Religious Support Programs
  • Guidance and Counseling Techniques
Counseling, Social Work and Human Services Careers.

Possible Military Job Titles

  • Caseworker or Counselor
  • Religious Program Specialist

Related Civilian Jobs

  • Social Worker
  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Religious Activities Coordinator

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Human Resources Management and Services – Enlisted
Personal and Culinary Services – Enlisted

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