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Mechanic and Repair Technologists and Technicians Careers


From the smallest handheld weapon to the largest electrical power plant, every piece of military equipment needs servicing. Enlisted personnel in the Mechanic and Repair Technologists and Technicians field inspect, maintain and repair the many categories of military machinery. Work in this field can be very physical, but it also involves skilled use of tools and electronic equipment.

Possible Responsibilities

  • Operate ultrasonic, atomic absorption and other kinds of test equipment
  • Monitor and operate control boards to regulate power plants
  • Service and repair helicopter, jet and propeller aircraft engines
  • Troubleshoot problems in vehicle engines
  • Inspect, clean and repair ship propellers and hulls
  • Repair portable electric tools
  • Cut metal stock using power hacksaws and band saws
  • Adjust and repair weapon-aiming devices
  • Pack parachutes for safe operation
  • Weld, braze or solder metal parts together

Helpful Attributes

Useful school subjects include science, mathematics and shop mechanics. Helpful attributes include:

  • Interest in working with machines
  • Enjoying working with your hands
  • Being good with tools
  • Enjoying physical work

Training Provided

Job training consists of classroom instruction, including some further onsite training. Sample courses include:

  • Operation of Ultrasonic Test Equipment
  • Electrical Generation and Distribution
  • Gas and Diesel Engine Theories
  • Engine Disassembly and Repair
  • Underwater Welding and Cutting
  • Use of Diagrams and Blueprints
  • Parachute Rigging Techniques
Mechanic and Repair Technologists and Technicians Careers.

Possible Military Job Titles

  • Aircraft Mechanic
  • Automotive Mechanic
  • Construction Electrician - View Profile
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic
  • Diver
  • Electrical Products Repairer
  • Machinist
  • Marine Engine Mechanic
  • Non-Destructive Tester
  • Parachute Rigger
  • Power Plant Electrician
  • Power Plant Operator
  • Powerhouse Mechanic
  • Precision Instrument and Equipment Repairer
  • Ship Electrician
  • Survival Equipment Specialist
  • Utilitiesman - View Profile
  • Weapons Maintenance Technician
  • Welder
  • Metal Worker

Related Civilian Jobs

  • Electrician
  • Power Plant Mechanic
  • Marine Engine Machinist
  • Avionics Technician
  • Welder

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