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International Relations, Linguistics and Other Social Sciences Careers


Information about the military capabilities of foreign countries is vital to our national defense. Our leaders need to know the strengths and weaknesses of both friendly and unfriendly countries. Officers in the International Relations, Linguistics and Other Social Sciences field collect, analyze and report information about foreign countries to be used for military planning. These officers must have a deep understanding of different cultures and keen problem-solving abilities. Operations often involve international travel.

Possible Responsibilities

  • Collect and report information about the military forces of foreign countries
  • Hold meetings with foreign military and government officials
  • Analyze political, social and economic matters in foreign countries
  • Project foreign political trends
  • Advise commanders about situations in foreign countries
  • Conduct psychological operations designed to accomplish military objectives

Helpful Attributes

Useful fields of study include political science, history and international affairs. Helpful attributes include:

  • Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely
  • Interest in collecting and analyzing data
  • Interest in living and working in a foreign country
  • Interest in working closely with people

Training Provided

Job training for some specialties consists of classroom instruction. On-the-job training is provided for others. Sample courses include:

  • Political and Cultural Awareness
  • Development of Foreign Area Expertise
  • Organization and Functions of Diplomatic Missions
International Relations, Linguistics and Other Social Sciences Careers.

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