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Legal Professions and Support Services Careers


The Military has its own system of laws and courts staffed by servicemembers with law degrees. These lawyers make up the Services’ Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Corps. Legal Professions and Support Services officers perform legal research, prosecute and defend court cases and are judges in military courts. They provide legal services for military personnel and represent the Services in civil and international legal matters.

Possible Responsibilities

  • Prepare legal documents
  • Train new military lawyers
  • Preside over court cases
  • Act as prosecuting attorney, defense attorney or judge in court cases
  • Give legal advice about government real estate, patents and trademarks, wills and power-of-attorney agreements
  • Interpret laws, directives, regulations and court decisions

Helpful Attributes

Useful fields of study include sociology, criminal justice and public administration. Helpful attributes include:

  • Interest in working with and researching legal concepts
  • Comfort with public speaking
  • Attention to detail
  • Good writing skills

Training Provided

Job training consists of classroom instruction. Sample courses include:

  • Military Trial Procedures
  • Methods of Obtaining Evidence
  • Court-Martial Advocacy Techniques
Legal Professions and Support Services Careers.

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