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There are hundreds of ways to make a living in the Military, and many of these careers provide the training and experience needed for a rewarding second career in the private sector. There is no guarantee servicemembers will receive the jobs they want, as the Services determine where each individual’s skills are needed most.

How Military Careers Work

Career Fields

Browse different career fields and learn about the opportunities available to servicemembers.

Entry Process

Learn about the process that takes individuals from civilian to servicemember.

Skill Training

The Military takes training very seriously. Learn more about the methods, schools and instructors that prepare servicemembers for their careers, as well as ongoing training benefits.

After Serving

Discover how the Military prepares servicemembers to re-enter civilian life when they complete service.


Read about military careers from the perspective of servicemembers in a variety of roles.

Career FAQs

View answers to commonly asked questions about military careers.

Military Career Highlights and Profiles

Futures Magazine

Futures magazine is an annual publication of the Department of Defense that features articles on men and women from all branches of the Military. Here, you can listen to their stories in their own words.

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"I try to express the Military through a camera."

Army Spc. Tiffany Dusterhoft was able to turn her talents in photography into a military career.

"I ended up finding my passion."

Is it possible to find a satisfying and rewarding career in the Military? Yes! Servicemembers talk about the variety of job opportunities and finding the right career for themselves.

Featuring: Staff Sgt. Tara Currah, Air Force Reserve; Cadet Ryan Cho, Army National Guard; 2nd Lt. Amanda Morgan, Army National Guard; Spc. Tiffany Dusterhoft, Army; Petty Officer 3rd Class Adrien Cheval, Coast Guard Reserve; Petty Officer 2nd Class Rafael Whitson, Navy; Petty Officer 2nd Class Vanessa Valdes, Coast Guard Reserve; Petty Officer 2nd Class Andrew Crandall, Navy; Staff Sgt. Saul Mendoza, Air National Guard

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