Today's Military:

Extraordinary Careers

Voice Over: Every day over two million men and women put on a military uniform. They serve overseas …

“50–50, look back and look forward. Back, forward.”

Voice Over: … and in our nation’s backyard.

“I tell ya, when we put the helmet on, it’s game on. It’s game day.”

Voice Over: They join the same team, but for different reasons.


“I got ‘em.”

Voice Over: Some following lifelong dreams …

“I own – basically I own this aircraft; we constantly look around; safety is paramount out there.”

Voice Over: … others following career paths they didn’t know existed.

“Our full mission focus is to save lives.”

“It was essentially an immediate ejection.”

Voice Over: They are extraordinary people. With extraordinary opportunities.

“What people don’t see about Parris Island is what goes on in the background.”

“I don’t know what your blocking is or anything or if you’re going to do a tracking status as they are coming out.”

“The helicopter behind me has been used to move [unintelligible].”

“That was our primary mission: to maintain health and readiness for deployment.”

“I hate staying away from it all. I like to be in the mix. I love doing what we do, and I like being around it.”

“Who wants to be average? Do what average people do, and you will have what average people have. I don’t want to be average. Do you?”

[End of Recording]

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