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Zachari Kinsey


Senior Airman Zachari Kinsey describes his role as an Air National Guard Weatherman. Weather is a critical factor in making sure a mission is accomplished successfully.

Weatherman Describes His Job in the Air National Guard

Video Published on Feb 27, 2014

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Senior Airman Zachari Kinsey: I'm 21, and I decided to join the Air National Guard, because the Military's always been a goal for me, something I've wanted to do. And really, the Air Guard presented the best opportunity for me.

The most interesting thing I've learned with the weather career field is that weather really affects everything in the Air Force. Before I came in, looking at the Weather Channel, watching storms, I thought I knew a lot. I really knew nothing until I -- I learned what I [have]. And just knowing that that affects nearly every mission in -- in the Air Force in one way or another is really amazing. You don't really think, you know, weather's going to affect somebody out on the flight line preparing a plane, but when you have thunderstorms rolling in, they can't very well be out there. And just little things like that, that every decision made in the Air Force can really be brought back to some type of weather.

What I would tell a 20-year-old on the fence about joining the Air National Guard is do it, no doubt about it. It's -- it gives you discipline for your life, and gives you a whole new mindset and skill set you've never had before.

You can learn a lot in college, but here in the Air National Guard, you actually get to put it to use on a daily basis. And with that, it's been a great experience. And I'd do it again every time.