Their success tomorrow begins with your support today Their success tomorrow begins with your support today

Their success tomorrow begins with your support today

  • Parents & Educators

  • Parents & Educators

    Parents & Educators

    A meaningful career. A rewarding education. Whether you're a parent, an educator or a guidance counselor, this page has the information you need to help the young adults you support make the best decision for their futures. Explore our parents' and educators' content, print and share our PDF guides in our Downloadable Resources section and order complimentary DVDs and magazines to share.


    • For Parents

      You've always wanted the best opportunities for your son or daughter. Now your child is considering military service as they enter the beginning of their life as an adult. You may not be sure how you feel about this option. Proud and anxious all at once? Don't worry. It's called being a good parent.

      Joining the Military is a big decision that affects both the lives of the young men and women who choose to serve, and their families as well. We want to help you learn as much as possible about what new recruits experience and the many paths they can take through service. Because you never stop being a parent.

      • Parents' guide to service

        From choosing a Service branch to graduating from Basic Training or the officer academy, this is what you need to know about your child joining the Military. After that, discover ways to connect with other parents of service members through national and local support organizations.

        Parents’ Guide: Supporting Your Child
      • Parents' stories

        Parents' stories

        In this section, parents like you share stories of their children serving, from their initial concerns to proudest moments, in video interviews and stories. In addition, view the most common questions parents ask about service.

        Parents' Stories
        More Info: Parent FAQs
    • For Educators

      Your students are hoping for a world of opportunities once they graduate from high school or college. It's a tall order, but one the Military gives young adults every day. This is where you can help: by supplying the right information at the right time.

      There's a huge variety of career options for high school and college graduates through all branches of the Military, but knowing where to start exploring these options can seem daunting.

      • A recruit's journey

        A recruit's journey

        If you're interested in learning about the full spectrum of military service to help guide your students, our overview pages have the top-level information you need. They guide young adults through the various stages of a military career, from the joining process to training, working and taking advantage of military benefits. Explore the sections below.

        Joining: Research & Planning
        Training: Basic & Advanced
        Working: Careers & Profiles
        Living: Pay & Benefits
      • Order DVDs and magazines

        Our complimentary DVD program, Success Through Service, is intended for high school and college students to get an unfiltered look at military service. It features service members candidly discussing their experiences in the Military, from the joining process, to boot camp, officer training, choosing their careers, working overseas and more. You can order multiple copies for your school to share with your students.

        Order DVDs & Magazines
  • FUTURES Magazine

  • FUTURES Magazine

    FUTURES Magazine

    FUTURES magazine is an annual publication that showcases the lives and stories of the young men and women in today’s Military. They've been given awesome responsibilities as young adults, and still get to enjoy all the opportunities the Military offers from enjoying their free time to taking advantage of a paid education. Educators can order complimentary copies to share with your students, and watch the accompanying videos on our FUTURES page. There, you'll see, in their own words, what these men and women have to say about their choice to serve and their passion for their careers.

  • Downloadable Resources