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"I’ve never really thought of working in the business world. I like the fact that ... I was part of something bigger and not just working for profit ... like I was working towards a higher purpose ..."

To understand Army Maj. Michael Kuhn's family history is to understand Army Maj. Michael Kuhn. His father's uncle had fought as an infantry sergeant and was a prisoner of war in the European theater during World War II.

So it was no surprise when the major entered the ROTC program in college. Between his junior and senior years in college, he attended the ROTC Advanced Course at Fort Bragg, where he was evaluated for his military career potential and, eventually, given his first choice of branches: the Military Police Corps. He was particularly drawn to the idea of combining law enforcement with the demands of everyday soldiering.

It’s kind of like being able to be on the good side of history.

“Working with the Soldiers — being kind of a cross-section of our country — you kind of get, well, you get the best of the best.”

As a member of the military police at Fort Lewis in Washington state, Kuhn's daily responsibilities included reviewing military police reports, planning patrols and assigning his team to the appropriate neighborhoods. He likes the fact that, in the Military, an individual is judged on his or her merits. He also likes that there’s always someone available to offer help and support. That's another reason why he stayed in.

“You know it’s kind of like being able to be on the good side of history.”

One of Kuhn's proudest moments came during his deployment to Iraq, where he was part of a military police brigade assigned to provide security for the first democratic elections since the invasion in January of 2005. How often do you get to help write history? He speaks with equal pride of another overseas deployment to the Egyptian city of Sharm el Sheik on the Sinai Peninsula. While there, he and his battalion were responsible for ensuring the terms of the Camp David Peace Accord.

Currently attending the Army’s Command and General Staff College, Kuhn is eager to see where his next move will take him. His first choice is Germany. Followed by Hawaii. Or maybe back to Fort Lewis, Wash., where he met his wife and where they've talked about buying a home when he retires. No matter where his career takes him next, you know his deep commitment to history and democracy, not to mention the memory of his great uncle, will follow him there.

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