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    Request more information about today’s military

    On this page, you can request information from the Services and order free DVDs and magazines. Materials can only be shipped to the United States.

    Your personal information will not be shared with anyone else, and is used for recruiting purposes only, where applicable (please refer to the section in the Privacy Policy that describes why this information is being collected and how it will be used). 

    Authority: 10 U.S.C. 503 (a), Enlistments: Recruiting Campaigns. Purpose(s): To compile, process and distribute contact information of individuals to the Services to assist them in their direct marketing recruitment efforts. Routine Uses(s): None. Disclosure: Voluntary. However, failure to disclose pertinent information may result in our inability to contact you with further information.

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Today’s Military magazines and DVDs are to be used solely for educational purposes and shall
not be used for commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes.
  • FUTURES, an annual publication of the Department of Defense, chronicles the lives of those who serve in the various branches of the Military. It includes stunning full-color photography and service member profiles.

  • In this 35-minute program, service members share their experiences, from the joining process, to boot camp, working and enjoying their free time, and talk about the personal strengths they discovered along the way.

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You can also request information from the services online or by phone.
Military Services Toll-Free Numbers Websites
Army 800-USA-ARMY (1-800-872-2769) goarmy.com
Marine Corps/Marine Corps Reserve 800-MARINES (1-800-627-4637) marines.com
Navy 800-USA-NAVY (1-800-872-6289) navy.com
Air Force 800-423-USAF (1-800-423-8723) airforce.com
Coast Guard/Coast Guard Reserve N/A gocoastguard.com
Army National Guard 800-GO-GUARD (1-800-464-8273) nationalguard.com
Army Reserve 888-550-ARMY (1-888-550-2769) goarmyreserve.com
Navy Reserve 800-USA-USNR (1-800-872-8767) navyreserve.com
Air National Guard 800-TO-GO-ANG (1-800-864-6264) GoANG.com
Air Force Reserve 1-800-257-1212 afreserve.com