Videos: Today's Military

Petty Officer 1st Class Timothy J. Florez-Adams: My name is Timothy J. Florez-Adams. I am a damage controlman 1st class. We're firefighters, welders, plumbers, carpenters. We're basically the jack-of-all-trades. I support everyone on the boat from the CO all the way down to the smallest non-rate. I have to work with everybody. I do a fire marshal, so I go throughout the ship, check out safety discrepancies, making sure that our firefight equipment is being PMSed, things are being stored properly. Then I still have to go back to my fabricating and welding, maintain things from, like a new bookshelf, to, we just lost this mounting bracket for this. We gotta fabricate one, weld it in. But we're still doing a lot of plumbing, and we do a lot of training for the firefighting, and then if we have to, we'll go back to the CBNR, then we do a lot of training on that. I care a lot. I care about making sure that when my ship's underway, that the safety and the crew are gonna happen, that we're well-trained, well-qualified, the spaces are maintained the way they're supposed to be, and it's a constant battle for me because little things add up, and the responsibility does get overwhelming sometimes. But, lucky for me, I've got a great shop that works with me, and they help me out a lot, and it makes my job a lot easier because they understand what I go through because they're gonna be in my shoes shortly, and they help me enforce what we need to do, and correct things that keep things going.