Videos: Today's Military

Rachelle: Airmen Against Drunk Driving is an organization that I’ve been part of since I came here at Shaw.

Kyle: So what we do is we actually have a 1-800 number that, any type of military branch, whether, you’re in the Air Force, the Army, Marines, Navy, Reserve. You can actually give us a call. We’ll come pick you up if your first line of defense fails.

Rachelle: It gives them a chance that, if they lose their plan B, something happens. We’re all humans. We all make mistakes. But we don’t want the mistake where they get hurt, they injure somebody else, or something happens to them. We have volunteers that are drivers each week that come out and just pick them up. No questions asked. I was actually the Airmen Against Drunk Driving president last year, and that was so rewarding.

Male Speaker: She created an environment that catered to all individuals, doesn’t matter what rank you are, and it makes them want to volunteer more, because it’s a relaxed environment.

Kyle: It does benefit me, because it makes me feel good when I’m helping somebody else.

Rachelle: Airmen Against Drunk Driving made me realize that I was able to give back.