Videos: Today's Military

Male Speaker 1: The Guard pretty much paid for all of my education through loan repayment, through state tuition assistance and federal tuition assistance, along with the G.I. Bill.

Female Speaker 1: The Montgomery G.I. Bill, which is a certain amount of money every -- every month that you get to help pay for rent and other student fees like books, and you can use it for anything.  It just goes straight into your checking account.

Female Speaker 2: And the good thing about that is you get it in check form.  So instead of just sending it to the school, you get it in your hands.

Male Speaker 2: Not only are they helping me pay for it, they’re paying for everything.

Male Speaker 3: That’s one of the reason I chose to come into the Guard, was because they offered to pay for college.

Male Speaker 4: I’m currently using those benefits.  I’ve used the G.I. Bill that we get, the tuition assistance that we also get to help pay for tuition, books, and living.

Female Speaker 3: The National Guard is actually paying for my art degree.

Female Speaker 4: And they’re paying for half of my Master’s right now.

Female Speaker 5: Through the National Guard, I’m able to go to school basically for free.

Female Speaker 6: And the National Guard helped out a lot.

Male Speaker 5: So with the Guard pay for my college, I don’t need to pay anything.