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    Air National Guard Recruiting(02:33)

    An Air National Guard recruiter walks new recruits through the enlistment process.

    Speaking to a recruiter does not obligate an individual to serve, and it is possible to meet with a recruiter several times before joining the Military. Recruiters can answer any questions about the specific Service and the Military in general, they help match people to career opportunities and they help prepare recruits for Basic Training. Finally, recruiters welcome questions from parents.

    Parents are also welcome to witness the last stage of the enlistment process, which is an enlistment ceremony. During the ceremony, a military officer will conduct the Oath of Enlistment, in which recruits swear that they will support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

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Staff Sgt. Samantha Stewart: My name is Staff Sgt. Samantha Stewart. I'm a recruiter with the Washington Air National Guard.

Speaker Two: I'm Diane.

Staff Sgt. Samantha Stewart: Diane, nice to meet you. I'm Sgt. Stewart.

Speaker Two: Nice to meet you.

Staff Sgt. Samantha Stewart: The purpose of our meeting today is to go over any questions you may have about the Air Guard. I'm also going to ask you a couple questions to determine that you're tentatively qualified.

Usually when an individual first comes in, we really try to find out what they're interested in, what type of information they would like to obtain. It's really just a matter of meeting with them, making them feel comfortable, and just letting them know exactly what to expect from that meeting, and just taking with them and getting to know them.

After the first visit, it kind of depends on the situation as far as what the next step of the applicant's process would be. We definitely reach out to them. You know, we make notes to contact them. Not immediately, but to give them some time, and then touch base with them and see if they're interested in the next step of that process.

Matthew Stephens: My name is Matthew Stephens. I'm here today to enlist in the Air National Guard.

Speaker Three: How are you?

Matthew Stephens: Good.

Speaker Three: (inaudible)

Matthew Stephens: Hi, nice to meet you.

Speaker Three: Hello. Come on back.

Matthew Stephens: I first came into the recruiting office about two months ago. And I was looking for a new career field, something with more advancement, something I could get schooling in. The last two months have gone pretty quickly. The first time I came in, I filled out a bunch of paperwork, tried to figure out what kind of job I was looking at doing. And then she called me back a little while later, and we set up an appointment to go up to MEPS so I could take my ASVAB and do the physical. And then I came in one more time just a few weeks ago to finish off the paperwork and actually select my job.

Staff Sgt. Samantha Stewart: I would say the type of person that would be an ideal recruit is somebody who's motivated. It really helps when they're passionate about finding out all the details they want to know about the Air Guard, and they are really excited about the opportunity. They ask a lot of good questions. You can tell that it's something that's really going to benefit them, and that they're really interested in doing.

Speaker Four: Please raise your right hand. I, state your name.

Speaker Five: I, Lucia Genelle Pernevel -

Speaker Four: Do solemnly swear -

Speaker Five: Do solemnly swear -

Staff Sgt. Samantha Stewart: My favorite part of recruiting is definitely finding individuals who are very excited about the opportunities that we have. When you find somebody who is really looking forward to starting a new career, it's very rewarding, and I'm glad that I can help them assist them in that process.

Speaker Four: Congratulations. Welcome to the Washington Air National Guard.