Videos: Today's Military

Speaker: My name is Sgt. Taylor Wiseman from two of the 152 Reconnaissance and Surveillance squadron, and I'm an 11Bravo infantryman. We're the main combat force of the United States Army, the frontline Soldiers. I joined the Guard because I wanted to serve my country and my community. And in the infantry, I get to do that. I'm a team leader of a four-man fire team.

My unit is scheduled to deploy early next year, and I know we'll be able to complete the mission that we've trained for because we've never really stopped training. We train on various weapons systems, from the M-9 pistol to the M-2 .50 caliber machine gun, as well as insertion and extraction capabilities, from airborne operations, to air assault, to waterborne operations. I train to stay in top shape physically and mentally through rope marches and fun runs with my team. I stand ready to support any member of my team in any challenge that arises. I'm also ready to support my community during national disasters. Recently, in my state we just suffered devastation from tornadoes and floods, and we were there to help. Being a National Guard infantryman has given me skills such as leadership, teamwork and discipline, and the experience I need to make me successful in any career path that I choose.