Videos: Today's Military

Petty Officer 3rd Class Robert Glaude: I am Petty Officer Glaude. I'm in the United States Navy. In high school, I would say that I was just your casual person. I love to play jokes. I love to play sports, and I love to have fun.

In the Military, you still have plenty of time to have fun, but you have to have that right balance of fun and getting work done. At Whidbey Island Base, there's definitely a lot of different things you can do, especially on base. We have a Convergence Zone that has pool tables, computers, Xbox 360s, PS3s, Wiis. Inside of the Convergence Zone, we have a bowling alley. There's a bowling league that goes there once at least every two weeks.

My bowling game, I do it for fun. I'm not good at it. It gets pretty competitive, though, because everybody wants to do their best. The Military still lets you enjoy your job and have fun, laugh and smile and get along with everybody.