Videos: Today's Military

The Springfield model 1795.

The first musket to be produced in America

Borrowing from, and improving on what had come before much like the country it was forged to

It's fitting that this weapon would come to represent the soldiers of America's infantry

PFC Mackenzie Ferguson
The legacy of the infantry has always around us that's always here we hear about it on a daily

PV2 Dakota Lovett
The uniform it it… they bring something out of you. It just makes you feel like you're a part of something bigger than you.

PVT Allison Scharfenberg
I joined the army because I've always been a protector of my family and friends and the people around me and I want to protect my country as a whole.

PV1 Noah Davis
I wanted to join the army since the day I turned 6 September, the 11th 2001 there was never a question in my mind that I wanted to go infantry.

The oldest branch in the army, infantry is home to some of the most decorated units ever to enter combat but as warfare has evolved so has the role of infantry. Whether by air, by wheel, by track, or by foot, today's infantry will employ a diversity of tactics and systems as they close with and destroy the nation's enemies.

PV2 Dakota Lovett
The infantry is tough it's not supposed to be easy there's not a lot of people who quit since I've joined here, but not me. I joined here for a reason and that's to protect my family and be a part of something bigger.

PV1 Naimah Lopez
The important thing that it's easily overlooked there's a lot of mental. You need to have a strong mentality to do this job to push even when your body can't go anymore; to be able to rely on one another.

PV2 Dakota Lovett
Down the road if somebody messes up it could be life or death so they teach you here not to slip up on little things because that could mean the difference when your buddy going home or not.

SSG Jeffery Cardon
If you don't put

the stress on them now then, when they get into a combat situation when rounds are flying past their head they're gonna get hurt.

PV1 Caitlin May
My favorite part about training to be an infantryman would definitely be rifle marksmanship, which is shooting. It's definitely interesting to see how accurate you can be.

PV1 Noah Davis
I knew full-on what I was signing up for and I'm preparing myself mentally for that now because there is a chance that I might deploy right after graduation.

All infantry careers begin at Fort Benning, Georgia. Infantry soldiers first undertake basic combat training before transitioning directly into advanced, individual training.

These soldiers will be introduced to some of the weapons used by the infantry; the m4 carbine, rifle grenade launcher, squad automatic weapon, m240 Bravo machine gun, anti-tank weapons as well as mines grenades and demolitions.

Infantry soldiers trained to fight on not just the traditional battlefield, but also the urban landscape as well as environments exposed to nuclear, biological, and chemical, arms.

Armored vehicles such as the Stryker and the Bradley Fighting Vehicle are incorporated to simulate real-world ups.

PV1 Naimah Lopez
The most rewarding part about this training is gaining another family, another place to call home.

PV1 Jared Pauga
There are actually some guys here that I'd want to go to war with and they understand that what they're doing is helping them become better soldiers.

The infantry of today does not just patrol.

Fighting positions must be constructed and camouflaged fortifications and other obstacles must be built or in place.

There will be recon missions that require infantry support.

For indirect fire infantry units, the ability to rapidly establish and fire their man-portable born mortar is key.

They know team members downrange are depending on them to bring their firepower to the fight.

SFC Toby Phillips
Infantry soldiers these days are some of the smartest, you know college degrees.

I'm looking forward to going to college and trying to come an officer. For me it's a career I'm looking forward to long road.

PV1 Yovani Almodovar
The Army has a lot of opportunity that you can't get anywhere else and I'm getting paid to do that.


SSG Jeffery Cardon
Those are your soldiers so you take claim to them you work on them every single day. Watching them go across that field and you do, you do get some pride knowing that you are putting some good trained soldiers back into the Army.

PFC Noah Davis
Graduation is gonna be a huge day for for all of us. My dad can finally say that his son is a United States Army infantryman. He's probably gonna well up with tears.

PV1 Jared Pauga
I can't imagine how it's gonna feel but I'm excited for it and I'm looking forward to it.

For many members of the infantry all of this begins a pattern of continued personal growth.

Advanced schools such as Airborne, Pathfinder, Sniper, Ranger and even Special Forces may lie along that path.

PV1 Alonzo Wilson
It’s more than what I thought is better than what I thought. It’s making me into a man. Exactly what I want to be.

PV1 Noah Davis
You're gonna be a much stronger much more morally straight person than you were when you came in and you're definitely gonna be changed for the better.

PV1 Jared Pauga
This choice I've made probably one of the best choices I've made so far in my life and there's no
looking back.

Generation after generation America has depended on them to be her strength in the war, her deterrence in peace. They go where the fight is most fierce shouting ‘follow me’ as they lead the way. They are relentless. They are always there. They are the infantry.