Videos: Today's Military

Butler: Drill weekend -- one weekend a month, we do a drill, and then two weeks out of the summer, we do an annual training.

Female Speaker: Two days out of the month, I go and be a soldier, and I train for deployment, or I train for upcoming events.

Blandon: Drill weekend is when all the soldiers in one unit come to their armory and report.

Jackson: Drill weekend is when you meet up with your unit, and you do training on what your job and what your MOS is.

Male Speaker: Sometimes we’ll train up in our M-- specific MOS tasks.

Jackson: Since I’m a Cavalry Scout, I go out and perform reconnaissance missions during drill weekend.

Butler: My typical drill weekend right now is search and rescue.

Pereyr: Drill weekend is to keep you still relevant with the Military, so you know what’s still going on, you haven’t forgotten anything.

Male Speaker 2: As much hands-on time as we possibly can, just so we keep all -- everything we’ve learned fresh in our minds.