Videos: Today's Military

Sabrena: OK, so I was 25 when I joined, and it was just a few months after that that I got sent off to Basic Military Training. My first week, what they call zero week, I was sure I couldn't make it. I had no idea what I was doing there. People were yelling. You had to move faster. You were supposed to know what you were doing before you knew what to do. I was petrified. I thought, even at my age, I can't do these orders.

Week one, week two, just muscled through it, tried to hide out in the back of the groups, and week three, four, five, started loving it. We started doing the weapons training, tearing weapons apart. I'd never touched a weapon before I joined. Never once did I even look at a weapon, and here I am tearing this weapon apart and putting it back together and cleaning it. Loved that part.

Week six, graduation, and then you're out of there. From there, they sent us off to tech school, which is a little bit more modified, and that was six months long for my career field. So that was a long time to be away, and out of your own element, but the Basic Military Training I think prepped me for it.