Videos: Today's Military

Seaman Recruit Cliff Boon: Seaman Recruit Boon. We just finished up week four. This week, it was a good week all in all. This week, we got to go to the range, which was cool, getting to go to the range and shoot guns. We took our physical fitness test, which I was happy to get that over with. That has been weighing on the back of my mind. That was a big thing, a big hurdle. The push-ups and sit-ups, that wasn't hard. I breezed through that pretty quick. That wasn't a problem, as long as you do that.

A bunch of people complain about the IT, but you're getting paid to work out. So as long as you do the IT, and you don't sandbag through all of it, at least, you should be fine. The run was the only thing I was worried about because I didn't really do too much training before I came here. It's like all of the other runs we've done. You just kind of get it over with. This one is a different story. You had to do it, so I think everybody pushed themselves just that extra, give themselves that extra oomph to get through it even quicker than you normally run that.

We filled out our dream sheets. I'm really excited about that, finding out where I'm going. There are a couple of places back home, back in North Carolina. This place out in the Outer Banks Oregon Inlet, I've visited that station before. I really want to go there. I put a couple of cutters, and then a bunch of small boat stations.

Pugil sticks is going to be fun. This will be a good chance for us to get all of our aggravation and anger out. I've never done anything like that, actually. So it was new to me, but it was fun. I'm going to enjoy it.

Our company commander's starting to give us a little bit more time. We have evening routine now. Instead of just them telling us, "OK. Do this. Do that," they tell us to start a routine. The other day, when we did the teamwork [inaudible], everybody's boots were dusty and dirty, and so they came up here, and they gave us an hour or so to shine our boots. Then we have a uniform inspection coming up, so they gave us lots and lots of time to iron out our uniforms, make sure all of our loose threads were clipped and make sure everything was squared away, so we can have a good review on our uniforms.

We took the midterm Friday morning, right after chow. It was 50 questions, 75 minutes. We got to use our notes. It was pretty easy. I was pretty confident in it. Then, we went somewhere else and came back, and we got the scores. He came outside. We were still in formation. He said, "All right, everybody raise their hand that thinks they got 100." So a lot of us raised our hands, and he's staring. He's like, "Wishful thinking," but then he came in that night right before "Taps" and called 10 or 11 of us, and he called us out into the quarterdeck, and we all thought we were about to get jacked up and have to start doing IT. He's like, "You all made 100 on it. You all get one five-minute phone call." So I was super excited about that.

I called my house, talked to my mom, and, of course, she started freaking out and had a million questions to ask, but I only had so much time. So I had to kind of cut it short. I told her I made 100 on my midterm.

Just keep pushing through it; that's all you've got to do. You've just got to keep your head on your shoulders, and don't get aggravated at the little things.

Three more weeks. Three more weeks.