Videos: Today's Military

Speaker 1: We're inbound. Bushhawk II - Gunslinger I. LT clear.

Speaker 2: Over LT.

Speaker 3: Roger.

Speaker 4: I'm en route.

Speaker 5: Bushhawk II - Gunslinger I,'til secure. Clear to drop.

Speaker 6: Go, go, go.

Speaker 7: Stay tight.

Speaker 8: One clear.

Speaker 9: Two clear.

Speaker 10: We got 'em. Let's roll.

Speaker 11: We're on the move.

Speaker 12: Bushhawk I, this is Gunslinger I; you're clear for extraction.

Speaker 13: Objective secure.

Speaker 14: Mission complete; we're out.

Speaker 15: To see if you qualify, contact a recruiter or retention NCO.