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    Joining the Air Force Reserve(01:14)

    Rachel Preble, an Air Force Reserve recruit in the Developmental and Training Flight Program, explains why she joined the Military and looks forward to her future role as an in-flight med tech. Thanks to the Developmental and Training Flight Program, Preble has the opportunity to watch other members of the Air Force Reserve as they participate in an aeromedical evacuation training exercise.

    When Air Force Reserve recruits enlist, they may ship directly to Basic Military Training (BMT), or they can delay their entry for up to one year. If they choose to wait, recruits can participate in the Developmental and Training Flight Program, which is an extension of the Delayed Entry Program (DEP). Through this program, recruits like Preble begin physical training and learn about military customs, which helps them start BMT on the right foot.

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Rachel Preble: My name is Rachel Preble, and I recently joined the Air Force Reserves. It's been one of those decisions that I thought about for almost three years, and a friend at the local hospital where I work part-time told me that she had joined as a Flight Med Tech. She said it was a great decision, that I should do it. So I looked into it, and swore in November. The new recruits who are waiting to go to Basic, they're part of a program called the "Delayed Entry Program." And we come to McChord Air Force Base the first weekend of each month prior to leaving for basic training. I'm entering the Air Force as an In-Flight Med Tech, and my goal is to become a Flight Nurse. Today, when I saw the Air Medical Evacuation Squadron doing their job, it was pretty exciting to know that I'll be doing that once I get through Basic and Tech School. It's going to be probably one of the biggest challenges I've ever done, but that's kind of exciting for me at the same time. And I couldn't feel more blessed about the opportunity ahead.