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    Arrival at Navy Officer Candidate School(01:23)

    Officer candidates arrive at the Navy Officer Candidate School (OCS) at Naval Station Newport in Newport, R.I., to begin their training and education. During indoctrination, the first few days of the 12-week program, candidates are fitted for their uniforms, given a medical and dental screening, given a haircut and shown their living quarters. Senior officer candidates who are near the completion of the program guide the new class of recruits throughout this process.

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Candidate Officer Brock Hartford: Upon my arrival at OCS, the first thing we were to do is to come down in front of what we call the sea wall. We were to stand in groups in lines of two. We meet the candidate officers, and there's a couple different tables. We register, you check in. When we arrive at the building, we're also greeted by more candidate officers, where they bring us inside.

Candidate Officer Karen Kraft: One of the primary responsibilities of a candidate officer is setting up the incoming class, the indoctrination candidates, that are starting today. Setting them up for success for Wakeup Wednesday. We are responsible for them for the first four days that they are here, and teaching them everything that they need to know to prepare them to meet their drill instructors, and their class chief petty officers.

Voice Over: During the initial days of indoctrination, OCS candidates are fitted for their officer uniforms, given a complete medical and dental screening, provided with haircuts and all the other necessary items that go along with in processing. At each step of the process, candidate officers from the senior class make sure the new arrivals are being taken care of.