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José Gutierrez: The training I'm receiving here at Yale is to become a nurse practitioner. With this training, I'll be able to order diagnostic tests, diagnose illnesses and have the opportunity to be a primary care provider for populations within the community.

So right now I do a lot of research. For example, this past summer I went to Ecuador, and I did an independent study on malnutrition in pediatric patients.

I would like to get my PhD when I finish my Master's, and I would eventually like to embark in a career where I'm a professor for a major research university and also practice as a nurse practitioner.

In my free time, I like to work at the campus bar, and that's probably one of my favorite activities because it's a great way to meet other people from the other graduate schools here at Yale. That, and I just like hanging out with friends.

Speaker 1: I was surprised by a lot of things with José. He seems to do one of everything. He is involved in research, he's in the Military, he goes to school full-time, he has a job. There's really just no end to everything he's involved in.