Videos: Today's Military

Erica Luna: We're aviation warfare specialists in the United States Navy. The helo we fly in is a MHF-230Echo.

Meghan Harlan: Our primary mission is mine countermeasures. We hunt for mines. We sweep for mines. You really don't know what's out there. With imports and exports and shipping lanes, it's kind of a big deal. Mines do a lot of damage.

Jessica Corona: Sometimes it gets hard, but it's very empowering being a girl and keeping up with the guys. You're doing the same stuff that they are. It's awesome.

Erica Luna: You know, you feel like everybody's watching. "Can she do it? Can she cut it?" And it's that pressure of making sure that you can handle it.

Meghan Harlan: It's a lot of worries, a big responsibility, because there is no time to get it then, you know. We're out there. We have a job to do, and we need to get it done as safely as possible.

Jessica Corona: We're making sure the bird's okay and doing our mission.

Meghan Harlan: We can do all different types of stuff. Our helicopter's so versatile that we do humanitarian relief. That's honestly when I got the most fulfillment out of my job.

Erica Luna: I'm definitely more girly in the Navy. I've always been really shy, still am, but my confidence has definitely boosted up.

Jessica Corona: I like to go shopping, get manicures, pedicures. We definitely hang out on the weekend and try to enjoy our free time.

Meghan Harlan: It's pretty physical the missions that we do. It's a lot of work. It's totally worth it.

Jessica Corona: It's worth it. Like, oh my God, I'm flying the helicopter right now. This is my job. It's so awesome, like I still get that excitement. Don't second-guess yourself, no matter what anybody tells you. "Oh, you can't do this. You're a girl. You're not strong enough." Who cares what they say? If you want to do something, you go for it, and you do it.

Meghan Harlan: You meet people from all different walks of life in the Navy. As long as you believe in yourself, you can pretty much do anything that you want.