Videos: Today's Military

Sgt. John Calderon: My name is Sergeant John Calderon, I am a 15th year in the US Army. I'm a helicopter mechanic, and I'm from Miami, FL.

I joined the Army to prove myself worthy of becoming a United States citizen. My parents were a little skeptical, but yet very supportive about my decision to join the Army. After showing them all the research that I had completed, and everything that my job was going to entail, that helped get them closure about what I was going to do in the Army, and how everything was going to be. Now, they're more supportive than ever.

One bit of advice that I would give somebody trying to join the Army, if you want to serve your country and you want to do it well, be sure you know exactly what you want to get into, so that you can do a better job, and be a better soldier.