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  • Air Force

    Finding the Right Military Career(02:08)

    Is it possible to find a satisfying and rewarding career in the Military? Yes! Service members talk about the variety of job opportunities and finding the right career for themselves.


    Staff Sgt. Tara Currah, Air Force Reserve
    Cadet Ryan Cho, Army National Guard
    2nd Lt. Amanda Morgan, Army National Guard
    Spc. Tiffany Dusterhoft, Army
    Petty Officer 3rd Class Adrien Cheval, Coast Guard Reserve 
    Petty Officer 2nd Class Rafael Whitson, Navy
    Petty Officer 2nd Class Vanessa Valdes, Coast Guard Reserve
    Petty Officer 2nd Class Andrew Crandall, Navy
    Staff Sgt. Saul Mendoza, Air National Guard

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Cadet Ryan Cho: I think the Military is a great option for people looking to serve, not only because you’re able to contribute back to, you know, your country and state, but you’re also able to develop yourself personally and get education, military training and a lot of personal development out of it as well.

2nd Lt. Amanda Morgan: Honestly, in high school, I never had the passion to fly, but when I enlisted, it was one of the options. I just got hooked and knew that one day, ultimately, I wanted to fly. I mean, it took four years to get here, but I ended up finding my passion.

Staff Sgt. Tara Currah: When I was in high school, I was kind of unsure what I wanted to do after graduation as far as if I wanted to go to college and just get a job. I decided that if I wasn’t positive on one route, that I would join the Military for a direction so that I wasn’t doing nothing after high school.

Spc. Tiffany Dusterhoft: Photography is kind of like a hobby of mine. I did yearbook in high school, and I was always told that I had a good eye for photography, and that I did good work. And so, then when I saw that, I was like, you know what, I would love to do that.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Adrien Cheval: The highlight of my career in the Coast Guard Reserve has been being able to obtain both the boat coxswain certification, as well as the maritime law enforcement boarding officer certification.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Rafael Whitson: After I went through Boot Camp, they sent me to Builder “A” School, which was in Gulfport, Miss. There, they taught me how to do masonry, carpentry, finish work, concrete, all of the skills that I’d need to know to be a builder.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Vanessa Valdes: I’m from Cuban descent, so my second language is Spanish. So, once I got into the intelligence field, I got to use my language and really venture out and explore different things in the Coast Guard.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Andrew Crandall: I fix, maintain and operate a system of computers, all networked together as a fire control system. All of my friends who were just graduating college, you know, pretty recently, are just barely stepping out into the workplace. And, you know, I already have experience.

Staff Sgt. Saul Mendoza: Every single job that you could think of that you might want to do, you could find it in the Military, whether it be the Air Force, or any other branch.

Spc. Tiffany Dusterhoft: I love my job, and I hope that everyone who joins the Military loves their job because you’re not only doing the job for yourself, but you’re doing it for everyone who’s around you. You’re doing it for your family. You’re doing it for, I mean, the country. You have to take pride in what you do.