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    ROTC Cadet Initial Entry Training(01:04)

    Students with two years remaining in their college education can join an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program by participating in Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET). After taking the course, these new cadets will have caught up with cadets who spent their freshman and sophomore years in ROTC. As a benefit, ROTC helps pay for their college education.

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Speaker 1: I have not had a summer ever, ever like this before.

Speaker 2: It's awesome, man. Nowhere else I get to do anything like this.

Speaker 3: Twenty-eight days of finding out what you're made of and having fun doing it.

Speaker 4: I'm a transfer student, so that's missing two years of ROTC.

Speaker 5: Leader's Training Course helps you catch up in the first two years because it's a crash course of all the basics that you learn in the first few years of ROTC.

Speaker 6: I'll be able to start my career. It gives it a huge kick-start, and I'll be miles ahead of others.

Speaker 7: It's really been exciting.

Speaker 8: If you want to have some amazing skills, this program is definitely for you.

Speaker 9: I'm getting paid to go to school basically and get an education. It's great.

Speaker 10: Amazing. I love it.

Speaker 11: We're having fun.

Speaker 12: Absolutely. We're having a great time.

Speaker 13: LTC is awesome. I live for this kind of stuff.