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    Shopping at the Exchange(01:12)

    Staff Sgt. Rachel Garneau and Master Sgt. Jake Chappelle of the Air Force Reserve shop for name-brand products at an exchange store.

    An exchange enables all Department of Defense ID card holders, including members of the Reserve and Guard and their dependents, to buy items like clothes, toiletries, furniture and appliances on base. All items are sold tax-free, and service members and dependents can also shop at any exchange, regardless of where they are stationed.

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Staff Sgt. Rachel Garneau: My name is Rachel Garneau. I'm a staff sergeant in the Air Force Reserve.

Master Sgt. Jake Chappelle: My name's Jake Chappelle. I'm a master sergeant, US Air Force Reserve.

Staff Sgt. Rachel Garneau: I mean, you can get almost everything at the exchange.

Master Sgt. Jake Chappelle: It can be anything from furniture, electronics, [I] get some of my sporting goods here, toiletry items. It's basically a big department store.

Staff Sgt. Rachel Garneau: A lot of the prices are lower, and you get [items] tax free, and for the most part, almost every base has one.

Master Sgt. Jake Chappelle: Also, you're not getting the lower-end products. You're actually getting only the higher-end.

Staff Sgt. Rachel Garneau: It doesn't matter what department you're in, they're going to have the same brand names that you see off-base.

Master Sgt. Jake Chappelle: Dependents, military ID cardholders, and retirees, they all have access to exchanges everywhere, in many cases.

Staff Sgt. Rachel Garneau: It does not matter what service you are. It doesn't matter if you're active duty or reservist or guard, the exchanges are for you.