Videos: Today's Military

Alex: SPIE is a Special Patrol Insertion Extraction. So it's a technique where a helicopter will lower a long line down to the team on the ground. They will be wearing harnesses and will clip into that line, and then the helicopter will take off, and we'll dangle below the helicopter as he flies us to wherever we need to go, and lowers us back down. So it's a technique when you don't have the room for a helicopter to land safely. You can just lower a rope down and get the team in or out as needed.

Lt. Christopher Williams: It's both over-land and over-water training we're conducting. The fast rope is specifically to insert troops very rapidly without having to land. So it's something we could do to the top of a building, onto a boat if we did it over water.

Alex: So we use fast roping for a lot of different missions. We'll be up in the helicopter. You grab onto the rope and just slide down like a fireman's pole.

Christopher: For the over-water stuff, it's typically something we use to insert them, let's say, 50 miles off the coast somewhere. And we can drop them off in the water, and they can covertly enter the beach line and go execute some mission to a target.

Alex: So ultimately, whether it's diving, or jumping, or shooting, everything that we do revolves around getting us to an IED or a piece of ordnance, that we can take care of it.