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    Providing Civilian Expertise: The P3 Initiative(03:39)

    The Army Reserve's Private Public Partnership Initiative (P3) helps connect Army Reserve Soldiers with civilian companies offering jobs that require the skills they've learned in service. The initiative is designed to encourage collaborative projects between the Military and the private sector, including Fortune 500 companies like GE Healthcare and MLB Network.

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TALLEY: The Army Reserve has provided cutting-edge civilian and industry-based expertise to the force for more than a century. But today’s complex and growing security challenges can’t be solved by government alone.  It’s going to take government and the private sector.  The Army Reserve’s private-public partnership -- or as we like to refer to it P3i -- allows industry leaders to leverage the civilian capabilities and military leadership of our citizen soldiers.  Startup companies to Fortune 100 companies partner with the Army Reserve and hire our citizen soldiers because they make great employees.  The thought is how do we work together -- government and the private sector -- to create a program that really allows to help those companies and at the same time help improve the readiness of our soldiers, leaders, and units in the Army Reserve.

MERCER: Kenai Drilling is one of the largest privately owned drilling contractors in the United States.  Everyone goes, “Why do you hire Army Reserve soldiers?”  And really you want to say, “Well, because everybody loves soldiers.  We hire soldiers because we owe them, and there’s a great service.”  And that’s true, it’s completely true.  However, it’s selfish too.  Any employer wants good people.  And the Army Reserve provides that.  They bring both soft skills -- they bring hard skills.  They have the ability to identify hazards.  They have leadership qualities that are just exceptional in comparison to civilian counterparts.

MALLORY: This is a unique environment in that there are extremely short turnaround periods.  You need to be decisive about the decisions that you make.  You need to be confident the decisions you make are good ones.  The soldiers that we’ve had here are able to do all of those things and more.  They have a confidence that really helps them thrive here.

MURGA: What the military has taught me was discipline.  Being prepared.  Really looking at a problem and trying to find out how to solve that problem.  And all those skills come into play when you work for any company.

SIMMONS: In my line of work everything must be very exact.  A commercial has to air when it’s supposed to air.  We have to be on on time.  We have to be off on time.  Army Reserve soldiers, like any military men, have that discipline.  The people I’ve met throughout the military, and the Army especially, are so well educated, and so prepared, and so on top of their game.  It’s really impressive to see the people that are leading our military today.

DESPAIGNES: I learned core leadership skills being an officer.  And you want that type of employee to be in your business to help it grow and flourish and to work more efficiently.

MOSCI: For anyone that’s looking for mission accomplishment with resilience, with values, with discipline, and with a ton of technical skills, I don’t see why they wouldn’t go to the Army and tap the Reserve.  Help develop them and reintegrate that back in the society after their missions.  So when you talk about win-win, here it is.

TALLEY: Private sector helps us to be better soldiers, while we help them to succeed by sharing the skills and experiences we’ve learned for more than a century.  Here’s an excellent opportunity to help your Army Reserve develop solutions to some of our nation’s greatest challenges.