Videos: Today's Military

Aviation Ordnanceman Karina Cortes: Hey everyone, I'm AO3 Cortes, and welcome aboard the USS Wasp. I'm going to show you where I work, where I live, and where I play. This is my Navy life, so let's go.

Hey guys, welcome to my shop. This is where I work. Come in. So at my shop, I work on some pretty cool stuff. From 20 to 25 millimeter machine guns to rocket launchers.

(Answering phone) Gun shop, AO3 Cortes, how may I help you sir or ma'am?

This is the cross, the common rack launcher test set. It tests out bomb racks, rocket launchers, it says "go" or "no go". And then if it's a go, we'll send it up to a flight deck where they load it up to the jets or the helos, and then load up bombs or missiles.

So this is the mess decks. Out to sea, we'd have about 3,000 people on board, including Navy and Marine personnel.

So I'm about to get off my shift, so lets head out. So before we head out of base, I want to show you guys some of the cool recreational facilities as Navy personnel that we get to use.

This is Iowa point, the marina where you get to rent out kayaks and sailboats. Across the street, we have the golf course, and we have the bowling alley, then we have the gym, it's free. It's a state of the art gym. We have the pool, and then we have the racket courts, basketball courts, and of course your weights and your treadmills. Those are a few of the many things that we get to utilize as Navy personnel, but the weekend's started, so let's go.

Hey, welcome to my house, come on in. There is a perception of the Navy that people on the ship are always just going to be on the ship. But outside the ship, I have my own life. Of course as you can see, this is where I am at when we're in port. This is where we have our pictures, we have our video games and our TV. And that is my roommate. I usually just go like this. Oh. (laughter)

This is my kitchen. I'm about to cook some carne asada or some fajitas, so I'll meet you guys tomorrow at the beach.

Hey guys, you saw where I work, where I live, and now this is Virginia Beach oceanfront. Me and my surf club meet up here every Wednesday and Saturday just to catch some waves. The Navy offers you cool places to live, and this is just one of them. So let's go catch some waves. I don't just spend my time on the ship. I also have my free time too. But now I want to go spend time with my friends, so you guys are going to have to go.