• Get an inside look at the lives of those who serve.

    Get an inside look at the lives of those who serve
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    Petroleum Supply Specialists: The Army’s Invaluable Lifeline

    Keeping the Army supplied with easily accessible fuel is critical to almost every mission. Learn how these specialists make it happen.

    What It Takes to Be an Army Tracked Vehicle Repairer

    By design, Army vehicles take a beating. Fortunately, they’re never out of service for long when in the hands of Tracked Vehicle Repairers.

    Allied Trade Specialists Keep Army Machinery Running

    When the Army needs a part made, repaired or modified to keep things running smoothly, Allied Trade Specialists are the experts who get the job...

    Army Careers: Cyber Operations Specialist

    Army Cyber Operations Specialist is an in-demand role tasked with protecting Military and critical infrastructure from malicious attackers, both...

    Army Careers: Helicopter Repairer

    In addition to a variety of fixed-wing aircraft, the Army deploys a number of rotary aircraft, such as helicopters, that require special skills to...

    Army Careers: Aircraft Structural Repairer

    When damaged Army aircraft are in need of repairs to once again become flightworthy, specially trained Aircraft Structural Repairers call upon...

    Army Careers: Behavioral Health Specialist

    In the U.S. Army, soldiers who serve as Behavioral Health Specialists are dedicated to promoting and developing the emotional health and well-...

    Army Careers: Medical Laboratory Specialist

    Army Medical Laboratory Specialists are the backbone of their units and take responsibility for a variety of integral, complex tasks that keep lab...

    An Inside Look at Army Practical Nursing Specialists

    Army Practical Nursing Specialists are experts with a keen eye for detail, a strong sense of empathy for patients and impeccable interpersonal...

    Discover What It Takes to Be an Army Infantryman

    As the world evolves, so has the role of the infantry in the U.S. Army. In this video, we’ll explore how one of the Military’s most versatile...

    Career Profile: Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic

    Matthew Turley says he was terrified when he first got to boot camp, but quickly discovered that training and working in the Army is fun.

    Becoming a Leader: Joining the Army

    Miriam Scholl surprised her friends and teammates when she joined the Army after high school.

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