Career Field: Cyber

Enlisted i Enlisted service members make up the majority of the Military and perform much of the hands-on work. Cyber Network Defenders


As technology grows ever more sophisticated, the Military must stay on top of its cybersecurity as well as the threats that inevitably come into this domain. Cyber network defenders perform specialized computer network defense duties, including infrastructure support, incident response, auditing and managing. They also protect against and detect unauthorized activity.

  • Salary

    Average salary nationwide: $50,752
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  • Service Branches

    The following Services offer this career:
    ArmyArmy Marine CorpsMarine
    NavyNavy Air ForceAir
    Coast GuardCoast
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    Service members currently in this role:

    Note: Keep in mind that there is no guarantee service members will receive their first choice for a career, as the Services determine where each individual's skills are needed most at the time.
  • Work Environment

    Cyber Network Defenders work in offices or in command and control centers on land and aboard ships.

  • Military Training

    Job training for a cyber network defender requires completing both basic training and advanced cyber training. This role also requires a top secret / sensitive compartmented information (TS/SCI) security clearance.

    Some of the skills you'll learn are:
    • Conducting defensive cyberspace operations
    • Conducting day-to-day network operations
    • Analyzing information
    • Maintaining and using networking software tools/equipment

Other careers in this field

Officer i Officers are the managers of the Military, planning and directing operations or acting in professional roles in fields such as law and medicine.

Enlisted i Enlisted service members make up the majority of the Military and perform much of the hands-on work.

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