Aeint Lin
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Petty Officer 3rd Class

Aeint Lin

Electrical Engineer

Petty Officer 3rd Class Aeint Lin grew up in Myanmar and came to the United States at the age of 21. Her father was an electrical engineer and would show her all the different aspects of his profession. When she decided to join the Coast Guard, she knew she wanted to pursue her lifelong fascination with technology.

"One of the main reasons I joined the Military was the opportunity to grow professionally. I love that my team is constantly teaching me something new on the job to help me master my skills and build my resume."

Aeint Lin

Petty Officer 3rd Class | Coast Guard

Before she could get to her current role, Lin had to undergo a considerable amount of training. She first went to Coast Guard Basic Training and then to "A" School, where new members of the Coast Guard learn how to do their military jobs. In Lin’s case, this was a six-month program in Petaluma, California — just north of San Francisco — focused on learning the ins and outs of being an electronics technician (ET). “I enjoyed ET school because it gave me the opportunity to work on my professional development.” After months of hard work, Lin is now an electronics technician.

Keeping Things Afloat

As an ET, Lin and her team have important roles to play within the Coast Guard’s overall mission. They’re responsible for installing, maintaining, repairing and managing sophisticated electronic equipment on small boats. This ensures communication, navigation and data encryption all run smoothly during coastal search and rescue operations.

Lin describes the routine tasks of her job as “doing a lot of installations and troubleshooting on radars and transmitters.” She adds, “We also do a lot of repairs on the boat itself. Plus, we have some communication equipment that we maintain.”

Despite the high-tempo environment, Lin and her fellow Coast Guardsmen enjoy a great work-life balance. When Lin is not working, she enjoys spending time cooking with her husband. She’s particularly fond of creating healthier takes on traditional Asian cuisine.

Lin is also continuing to grow both personally and professionally. The Military offers service members plenty of training opportunities to expand their knowledge and develop new skills. As a lifelong learner herself, Lin continues to learn on the job every day and applies the knowledge she developed in her training.