Support & Assistance

Service members and their families have access to a wide range of support and assistance services to ensure their comfort, security and well-being.

Money Management Services

Depending on where you are stationed, you and your family may have access to professional advisors and educational classes that can help you manage money, eliminate debt and pursue other financial goals. These Financial Readiness Programs (FRP) are designed to set up service members for success by improving financial literacy, encouraging fiscal planning and raising consumer awareness.

In addition to these support services, banks and credit unions are also common amenities found on military installations.

Religious Services

Religious Services

At duty stations around the world, service members and their families can expect a welcoming environment that celebrates people from all faiths (including those who don’t practice religion). Chaplains like Capt. Anna Page and other religious operations personnel make it their mission to encourage personal fulfillment, offer spiritual community and provide confidential counsel to all those who seek it, 24/7.

ID Card Offices

Because military bases are secure government facilities, service members, their families and other visitors must have the proper credentials to gain access to them. Military members are required to obtain a Common Access Card (CAC) to enter and move about installations. Similarly, dependents and spouses of service members must have Uniformed Services ID (USID) cards to come and go. Some bases may also welcome guests who have no relation to anyone on base, however they are required to obtain visitor passes.

Because establishing your military identification is an important step to accessing benefits like health care and on-base amenities, most duty stations have ID Card Offices where you can apply for a card while receiving any assistance that you may need.