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Common Questions About Life in the Military

What is it like to live and work in the Military?

As in the civilian world, military life varies depending on a service member’s job, attitude and desire. Once work or training is done for the day, however, a service member can do as he or she pleases. Visit Life in the Military for more information on free time, family support and military perks

What are the benefits of life in the Military?

There are many benefits to joining the Military, including:

Where are new service members stationed?

With installations all over the globe, it is impossible to predict in advance where a service member could be stationed. Following basic training, service members are given assignments based on Service needs, and their skills and training. As such, there are no guarantees a member will serve close to home.

However, service members generally know well in advance where they’ll be going, and deployment does not automatically mean going to war. They may also be deployed for support in noncombat areas or deployed domestically to help with disaster relief.

Where do service members live?

Military housing varies by rank, location and family situation. New recruits typically start their military careers living on base. Here they have access to a supportive community filled with amenities and comforts of home. Service members who qualify to live off base are given a Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) as part of their compensation.

How much vacation and leisure time do service members receive?

Active-duty service members receive 30 paid vacation days each year as an employment benefit. On top of this, the Military provides a wide range of recreational activities for service members and their families to enjoy on a daily basis.

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