Finding Your Fit

Visit any military base and the incredible sense of camaraderie that exists there becomes obvious. This community mindset is an integral part of service member success. In this video, you’ll hear from service members about the amenities that help acclimate them to life on base and make them feel welcome.

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I love being a part of a military community and all the resources that we have here. All of these different amenities that they offer on base. The bowling alley, arts and crafts Center, the base library, really brings the base together. As a community it's just that sense of a fellowship that comes from being on a base that really kind of draws us to it, you know. After work or something we could go out kind of solidify our relationship even though we are different branches. We all do have similar goals we all have similar experiences. You're coming into it together and having a base and the mid-eighties that provides is just another tool that can be utilized to kind of build that fellowship, build that friendship with one another and that just means a lot to us.

When Friends Become Family

There's a reason service members sometimes refer to each other as brothers and sisters.

Lean on Me

Whether you're in the field, on the job or back on base, you'll find that friendships in the Military can develop under a variety of circumstances.

Together We Thrive

Opportunities for service members to connect with one another are found throughout the Military.