Brian Threat looking to distance in uniform


Brian Threat

Systems Control Watch Officer
Careers That Connect

Brian always loved technology, but lacked the direction to give his interest a higher purpose. After talking with his Uncle Lee, Brian visited a recruiter and discovered how he could connect ambition to a rewarding opportunity with the U.S. Army. Eventually, this decision afforded him indispensable responsibilities, including securing communications between the most vital aspects of government and national defense.

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Lee Gray: I think Brian went Army because they had a job he was interested in. Of course, I tried to, I gave preference to the Navy, but it was his decision.

Sergeant Brian Threat, U.S. Army: I was always curious about computers. There’s always something new in the information technology field.

Lee: In the military, one of the key components of making any decisions is technology. You use it for everything. So, I also knew that it was a very popular field, in demand, and it was a new field.

Brian: We secure a lot of networks, from the White House to the Pentagon and everything. I love it. I work around high ranking officials, and I also understand the dynamics of how things work behind the scenes.

Lee: So, if you don’t have Brian’s field, then there’s no way policy can be promulgated to the rest of the service. There’s no way orders can be passed. It’s essential to all of that. The growth potential is huge.