Britni Garcia Green
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Staff Sergeant

Britni Garcia Green

Senior Drill Instructor

Daughter of a passionate Marine, Staff Sgt. Britni M. Garcia Green always knew the Military was her calling. And now, she molds the next generation of Marines.

"It’s not just about making them Marines. It’s about making them confident women."

With military combat positions now open to women, senior drill instructor Staff Sgt. Britni Garcia Green says she has a unique opportunity to develop and mentor the next generation of female Marines.

Drill instructors are tasked with shaping the future service members of the country. Their jobs involve not just coaching and mentoring, but also instilling discipline and emphasizing the importance of teamwork.

Britni portrays and imparts the skills, tenacity and leadership qualities that young recruits will need to become confident service members and self-assured young women. "It's not just about making them Marines. It's about making them confident women," says Britni, adding, "We're there to build them up to what we want them to be."

Watching her recruits become Marines and helping them achieve their greatest potential are her favorite parts of the job. "I love to see the transformations that these young women go through as they develop into Marines," she says. This passion for mentorship has helped her create strong and important relationships that have had a lasting impact on her life. "I love the connection that we build together."

One thing that the Marines Corps has taught her is to not quit. "Quitting is not an option," says Britni, and that's the mantra she's passing on to the next generation of Marines.